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Harbour of Hope will have its North American premiere in Minneapolis, the hometown of Joe Rozenberg. Rozenberg is one of three survivors from the WWII concentration camps portrayed in the heart breaking but life-affirming film. This North American Premiere at the Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival follows the first round of successful European festival releases of the film.

Joe Rozenberg - living in Minneapolis

The Harbour of Hope team looks forward to bringing the film to the city where Joe Rozenberg lives and screening it together with him and his family at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. Upon the announcement of having the North American premiere of Harbour of Hope in Minneapolis Director Magnus Gertten says:

We are very proud to bring Harbour of Hope to Minneapolis, the hometown of one of our Harbour of Hope heroes, Joe Rozenberg. After bringing Joe and the other protagonists of the film to Malmö, Sweden for the very first gala screening of the film, we now see it as a natural step to bring the film to Joe’s place, so to say. We feel proud to honour Joe by screening the film together with him and his family in Minneapolis.

At the gala premiere of Harbour of Hope in Malmö, Sweden all five protagonists of the film were united. At the event Joe Rozenberg gave an outstanding and very emotional speech. Despite not living in Sweden for many decades Rozenberg stood in front of a fully packed cinema, gave a speech in Swedish, and thanked the citizens of Malmö for helping him survive the Holocaust. You can see Rozenberg’s speech (with UK translation) at our Harbour of Hope Facebook page:

Director Magnus Gertten and Producer Lennart Ström will be at Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival to screen the film together with Joe Rozenberg. The screenings are scheduled as follows:

  • Friday, April 20, 2012 at 4:30pm. St. Anthony Main Theatre 115 SE Main, Minneapolis

  • Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 12:30pm. St. Anthony Main Theatre 115 SE Main, Minneapolis

Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival is the first North American stop on the international festival tour for Harbour of Hope. Among other upcoming festivals is Krakow International Film Festival. More festivals will be announced at the Harbour of Hope Facebook page:


Every Face Has a Name

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Proud co-producer

Auto Images has definitely no problem in using the expression ’a proud co-producer’. We have been a partner and co-producer in several succesful international documentary projects these last years.

In October 2013 our Finnish co-production The Punk Syndrome (Mouka Filmi, Helsinki) won Prix Europa for The Best European TV Documentary. Our Norwegian co-prod Bravehearts (Til Ungdommen, Sant og Usant) received a Special Commendation in Prix Europa’s category Best Intercultural TV Programme. Both doc’s has received international film festival awards.

During 2014 our next co-production with Mouka Filmi in Helsinki will be released. It’s Once I Dreamt of Life, a very personal film about suicide, directed by Jukka Kärkkäinen and Sini Liimatainen, produced by Sami Jahnukainen. Part of this project is also Alias Films in Berlin. 

Poster "The Punk Syndrome"
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